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5 Skills that iOS developers should focus on in 2022

With each year Apple’s fans have been increased and waiting for something that will surprise them more. So, learning advanced skills and expanding your knowledge in iOS development is very important for an iOS developer. In this blog, we have mentioned 5 skills for iOS developers should focus on in 2022. We hope all iOS developers can become better developers in 2022.

Focusing on these few skills will really help you to be a better developer. Now let’s see those skills for iOS developers in a detailed manner.

Using SwiftUI along with UIKit

Swift is the programming language created by Apple specifically for developing its apps. This language is for all future development for iOS. So, we all know it well!

Most of the iOS apps in the past have just plain SwiftUI. But in some cases, we need to drop UIKit as it was needed. Using SwiftUI and UIKit frequently in your iOS app development projects would highly encourage your team to do this. 

As an iOS developer should make sure that you understand how to merge SwiftUI into a UIKit app if you find that you’re running over limitations purely using SwiftUI. Knowing how to do this will helps you to use SwiftUI features to speed up your iOS development process because writing UI with SwiftUI is so much faster process than using UIKit.

App Architecture

Understanding the App Architecture of iOS app development will help you in knowing how and when to split your app’s functionality into different components and also in finding how these components should be structured. It is very important when you need to write code.

So learning more about app architecture in will also help you in writing code that can work in a SwiftUI process and also in a UIKit process which is extremely useful and will surely help you in the iOS development project.

Design Guidelines

In order to build your own intuitive iOS apps, you need to know and understand these design patterns. The reason for this is mainly these apps have been attached to a perfect set of design guidelines. Like how data have been stored and displayed to the user is handled in very distinct ways. 

There are more critical Concepts like

  • Swift, the programming language for iOS apps.
  • Apple’s Grand Central Dispatch (GCD).
  • Data persistence
  • UIKit, which is Apple’s Front-end framework

Core Data

Apple’s clearly still interested in having people use and replace Core Data given the fact that they have added new features. Core Data is intrinsically the purposeful framework for Apple devices.  have you ever thought that every time you used an app, you have lost your data? This would be similar to the video games in the early days.

As Core Data is the most important framework for storing data on Apple devices. We’ve got a great course on it here. Learning and understanding core data is a little difficult but understanding it, will be easy for you.


Understanding the importance of networking to iOS app development is foremost important, can you just imagine an app on your phone that does not interact with the web? because most of the apps are used in the way to interact on the web. this is because it is very difficult for you to understand how to send data and receive it from the network.


Focusing on all the above skills will be very useful for all the iOS developers in their iOS development process. We hope that you have understood which are the important skills for iOS app development and start learning more about them. Adhoc Softwares, is a leading iOS development company we have a team of well-skilled iOS developers. If any of you reading this blog are interested to create an intuitive iOS app. You can hire our iOS developers for your upcoming project.

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