Big Brother

Trade Ecosystem

How it works?

Big Brother app act as a promoter of good and services for manufacturers & retailers. It is an online marketplace that involves marketing, supplying, and promoting the product. By using this app one can easily connect the manufacturers and consumers for selling and buying purposes.

Our Approach

This app was designed with a good User Interface to help all the buyers and sellers, by managing the sales and compensating the manufacturer by keeping a percentage of the value of sales. This platform helps to find the buyer for a wholesaler and also helps the buyer to identify the most cost-effective option.

Challenges We face

One of the most challenging things we faced during the app development process was creating tracking order details for all three apps – marketing, logistics, and promoting. This struck us a little at the beginning, and finally, we made it.



Python Developer





Current Status

This app was created as a better option for the customer to market their goods and develop their strategies for sales to increase customer traffic. It gives information about the availability of goods and services and acts as an informer between both parties by saving cost and time effectively and improving the User Experience.