Business i ERP Software

The Business i ERP Software is developed by Adhoc Softwares a fully-fledged ERP Software that helps businesses to streamline the useful information at the point of need and increase key insights to plan, associate, automate and execute their business requirements.

A robust Business i ERP system allows companies to improve resource planning, increase productivity and facilitate the smooth functioning of different business operations.

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How does Business i ERP Software benefit your business?

At Adhoc Softwares, we help small and large organizations in developing new ERP software for improving the existing ones to handle complex business processes that include supply chain management, inter-departmental communication, third-party collaboration, and more. Our ERP development services enable companies to have greater control over their resources, quick turnaround to new opportunities and maximize profit.

We are a full-fledged ERP software development company in India with 13 years of experience, we serve various industrial clients to streamline multiple workflows and processes with a single integrated system so that their employees can work smarter. Our extensive understanding of different underlying models, technologies, and applications is given below:

ERP Services

  • Custom ERP Software Development
  • ERP Installation Services
  • ERP Integration with Third-Party Systems
  • Testing and Quality Assurance
  • ERP Implementation and Upgrade
  • ERP Solution Acquisition Consulting
  • Support and Maintenance Services
  • Visitor Management
  • Order Management
  • Sales & CRM
  • Service Module
  • Productions
  • Material Management
  • Human Resources
  • Finance & Accounts (Integration to Tally)
  • Human resources
  • Order Processing
  • Inventory and Procurement