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Event Jam Application

The Challenge Event Jam wanted to make an app so people could easily find and book events to attend. Their goal was to get more users to actually go to events after booking through the app.

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Event Jam successfully addressed a 50% reduction in no-shows by implementing a user-centric approach, resulting in a highly-rated, easy-to-use event booking app. With over 100,000 downloads in the first 6 months, the app’s personalized features enhance user engagement, connecting people with events and fostering business growth.

What we faced?

Event Jam faced a challenge with only 20% of users attending booked events, highlighting a significant no-show issue. Users lacked sufficient reminders and information post-booking, leading to forgetfulness and decreased event attendance. Motivational factors were insufficient, prompting the need for additional perks and benefits to encourage attendance.


Event Jam faced a notable discrepancy, as only 20% of users who booked events through their existing system actually attended them.

Users were not receiving adequate reminders and event information after booking, contributing to the low attendance rates.

The goal was to create a more enticing and rewarding experience, ultimately encouraging users to follow through and participate in the events they expressed interest in attending.


1. Improved communication with event reminders, combating forgetfulness.
2. Incentivized attendance with special perks and benefits within the app.
3. Refined app design through user feedback for a seamless experience.
4. Fostered community engagement with social features like event sharing and chat.
5. Personalized user experience with recommendations based on interests and past events.

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