Eshwari Hallmarking

What they want

Our client has been looking for a lot of new functions and also updated hallmarking software to maintain their day-to-day hallmarking process and complete records of the process.

They also want to track employee activities like their work status, which department are they in, and still more daily status.

Our Solution

In Adhoc softwares, all software program is recommended by Hallmarking Software experts for their extreme functions.

we had created these functions to satisfy our client’s requirements. Our hallmarking software help to reduce the work cost and minimizes the overall time taken to finish the Hallmarking process.

Our software also functions with the facility to streamline their work status. Example: (what they do, who is on work, who is off work, how many tasks have been completed by each employee per day, who is on leave, and with still more functions.

Current Status

Our Hall Marking Software has been in use for 2 years which helps them completely filing step by step Hallmarking processes from Receiving, XRF, Testing, Laser, and Assaying, to providing Concern Bills. It also monitors all the employee activities which help them to reduce the cost of work and minimize their time.