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How Bakery APP Can Increase Your Sales Income

In the digital world if you are running a Bakery shop business without having a Bakery mobile app and website will be difficult to grow with your competitor. As per the Statista Report, the number of smartphone users in India is 439.42 Million (as of May 2021). The number of smartphone users increases each day and the customers prefer contactless online purchases.

The benefits of building a mobile application for a Bakery or Sweetshop are endless, All you have to do is choosing the right company and the right technology, Your success is guaranteed if your business has a bakery app. It will also maximize the business reach through the digital medium.

Importance of Building Bakery APP and Web Application for your Bakery Business.

In recent years the online presence of a business is highly needed to run successfully, Nowadays each and everyone has a smartphone in their hands. The users will prefer Mobile APP to order Birthday cakes or Snacks at their convenient time.

The Mobile APP should be user-friendly and it should have multiple payment methods so the customers pay the bill as per their convenient payment modes. They also check the offers available in the mobile app during the purchase, Providing offers for the Mobile app will definitely help you to reach a wide range of customers.

The Mobile app can easily able to measure user behavior by using the analytics tool. We can easily measure how long the users staying in the app and also on the web.

If you want to take your Bakery business to the next level, you are at the right place, we Adhoc Softwares have experience in building Web and Mobile applications for your Bakery business. Our Mobile apps are built with the latest technology user friendly and highly secured and easily scalable.

Let us see the benefits of having Web and Mobile App for your Bakery Business.

Designing a Bakery Mobile APP for Bakery businesses with high standard User interaction screens will attract more users. The seamless function of the Bakery Business has Customer APP, Admin APP, Driver APP, and Web-Based Admin Panel.

Customer APP

Food Delivering APP
  1. User Friendly

The Bakery app for customers is to place the orders in the Bakery App. The customer APP is user-friendly and is compactable in all the latest Android and iOS versions.

2. Payment Mode

The Bakery APP supports different payments modes like Credit Card, Debit Card, Wallets, Internet banking, Google Pay, and all the transactions are highly secured.

3. Order Tracking

Once the order has been placed in the Bakery APP, Users can track the Order status in the APP. Users will also receive SMS once the order status gets updated.

4. Notifications

Users will receive Push Notification whenever there are any offers available or any important message from the Admin.

Driver APP

Food Delivering APP
  1. Accept Order

Once the order is ready to ship the driver will receive the notification to accept the order.

2. Location Tracking

Our App has Map option so that the driver can easily navigate to the delivery place at the right time.

3. ON/ OFF

The APP also the ON / OFF feature Drivers can easily ON/OFF their Status, Orders will not be assigned if the Driver is in the OFF state.

Admin APP

Food Delivering APP
  1. New Order

Once the users place the order the Sound Notification message will be sent to the Admin, so that no orders are missed.

2. Order Status

Admin can also check Each order status and total orders received on that day or custom date.

3. Reports

Reports can be seen in the admin APP, Total sales on that day or calendar option will be there for the custom report.

Web-Based Admin Panel

Food Delivering APP
  1. Product category

In the Admin Panel, New Products can be added with the price and image. It also has the option to change the product from active to Active and vice versa.

2. Customer Details

All the registered customer details can be seen.

3. Mail Setting

All the order status can be sent to the Admin mail Ids and with Text SMS.

4. Reports

The Web Admin Panel has a report option to see the total sales and a custom date option will be provided.

5. APP On / Off

 Admin can be switch off, Switch ON in the Admin Panel.


The Mobile app has transformed the Bakery business and customer’s choices to order easily, It is one of the fastest-growing industries and opting for food delivery app development. Contact Adhoc software for Mobile App development for Bakery Business will help you to scale up the business. Our team has experienced in the latest technology to deliver robust mobile applications to your brand.

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