Mark Color Sorter

Mark Color sorter, has manufacturing experience, who is engaged in serving the color sorting machine requirements of bulk food processing and other industries. Manufacturer, Supplier and Exporter by nature.

What they want

They felt that managing it manually would be increasing the loss of productivity. This will eliminate facing some challenges like data mismatches and miscommunication they have demanded on a software.

Our Solution

We have designed a very user-friendly software which automates all the processes which make all the department of the company. In order to manage real time data and staff management such as leave applications of your employees, we have provided with proper leave and work report management system with helps to improve business productivity.

Current Status

ERP software have been implemented in their manufacturing process which to be concentrate on the important task so no need of spending most of the time on manual task never like before and enables the user to configure their system flexibly to meet their business requirements.