Reselling App

Nithi Tex is an online wholesale Saree shop placed in Salem. They wanted a platform that offers freedom to people to open their businesses online and promote products among millions of traffic. All that’s needed is a smartphone to sign up for a Nithi Tex account.

What they looking for

Salem-based Nithi Tex is an online retailer of wholesale sarees. They first sought a website that allowed users to freely start online and advertise their goods to millions of users and to connect with resellers on the internet and sell the products online. Customers may find saree purchasing to be more fun if the website has a clear, uncomplicated, and eye-catching interface.

Our Approach

As a result, we decided to design a website that is visually appealing to customers and one that also understands their emotions to build trust and security and motivate them to make purchases. “More human connection equals more product connection”.

Challenges faced

We have faced some problems in technologies like shipping such as weight-based, product-based, and location-based payment gateways, offers, flat rates, and creating campaigns.








Current Status

Nithi Tex started producing and offering sarees to a range of clients. Additionally, it aided small businesses and resellers in marketing their items to clients and making sales. Increasing rivalry is being faced by industries as the market shifts to digital business and service delivery by providing quality products for customers. It has one of the best  B2C & B2B interfaces in E-Commerce Web Applications for an online wholesale saree shop.