Ayyappa Ghee

Ghee Food Products

How it Works?

The Ayyappa Ghee was a pure ghee severing network were supplying bulk purchases, dealerships, and distribution like supplying for wholesalers and retailers, factories such as major restaurants, sweet makers, corporate canteens, and also for caterers.

Our Approach

While serving their product they need to maintain all the records and billing details such as supplying details, retail and wholesale process, sales, and Accounts. To overcomes these challenges, we have created software that acts as a common platform to solve all those problems by maintaining all the records.

Challenges we face

One thing that makes as struggle during the implementation of the software was e-invoice billing. This process was quite risky due to the complications while integrating our ERP system and also while processing the documents of B2B and Export invoices.








They can easily maintain their billing details by implementing our Software that helps them to determine their sales and Accounts details and raise the invoice billing details of the product and also helps in the process of Retail, and wholesale of their products.

By using this software, they can generate the e-voicing billing of the product easily without involving government accounting.