Point of Sale Software – Adhoc POS

We are a team of talented designers and developers making software to work smooth and clean.

The Point of Sale software offers effective stock management features to retailers to empower them with greater control and increased visibility into the stock availability.

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point of sale software
In-store stock audit available in the POS system software
The point of sale solution enables tracking of goods return to HO
ADHOC POS system software allows for fast item search
Point of Sale Software with multiple stock points

Touch Billing with POS Machine

Direct access to all operation modes from the main dashboard. Flexibility to choose the order with pictorial representation of items

Item/Customer Photo Printing

Helpful feature which improves ease of use and enables businesses to pop up groups and their items with their photos in a desired sequence

Barcode & Fast Billing

Unmatched Billing speed by Barcode scanning & defining shortcuts using intelligent search options like category, brand name etc.

point of sale
point of sale software

Cashier & Home Delivery

Automatic Cash Management | Connect Cash Drawer with the software that opens on saving every bill | Complete control over delivery system

Import Purchase (Online/Offline)

Allow to import purchase from any excel or CSV format to save your time with 100% accuracy

Points Management

Enables the business owners to easily manage the points for their respective customers which will result in expansion in the business

Multimode Payment Mode

Accept payment in multiple modes by which customer can settle/pay their bills i.e. Cash, Cheques, Debit/Credit card, Wallets etc.

Inventory Management

Manage inventory levels, set reorder points to replenish stock and save your loses due to expiry.

Cloud Backup

Upload data online and directly store it in Google Drive/One Drive, Access the data from anywhere and restore the backup as per the requirement

point of sale