Ragam and Adhoc Softwares were together for more than 13 years. Ragam began their journey as a bread shop in Coimbatore, India. While we were beginning our project with them, they had just one shop. Now, the business rose quickly to the top spot in Coimbatore for bakeries and cake stores with 13 branches spread throughout several areas in Coimbatore.

What do they look for?

Since they want their clients to be able to conveniently buy their bakery goods. They wanted us to create an app for their bakery business so that clients can easily get baked goods from their location without visiting the bakery directly.

Challenges Faced

They found it difficult to keep up with the rising demand for their baked goods as the bakery’s reputation rose. To fulfil the demand in the market, Ragam had to put in a lot of work and decided to create a cake-only online store, which was a difficult task.

Ragam had to be sure to effectively handle the funds because running a large bakery is expensive. They had to keep track of the costs, make the right equipment investments, and figure out how to boost their profits.

Our Approach

A straightforward, seamless platform was created by Adhoc Softwares for Ragam. Customers have a fantastic mobile app on both iOS and Android which allows them to complete end-to-end orders in just a few simple clicks. Customers can just use the app to buy bakery goods and pay bills.







Python Developer


Current status

To manage the bakery and keep track of all its operations in one platform, we provided ERP solutions to increase the efficiency of Ragam bakery by automating several manual tasks, including order processing, invoicing, and inventory management.

With our ERP solution, Ragam Bakery was able to run 13 branches simultaneously, which helped them to concentrate on other aspects of the company and spend less time on administrative activities.

Ragam Bakery