recharge software development

Recharge Software Development

In the Present digital days, everyone is tied up with their works to be done as quickly as possible. People have a preference for online to get all their needs quickly. This action tells that, it can be a helping hand to grow your business on this platform, Online recharge system has been increased in the covid pandemic.

Do you want to start an online recharge business?

Then, you need to buy recharge software for your business from the leading Recharge software provider Adhoc Softwares. Adhoc Softwares is the leading white label recharge provider for all your recharge requirements like Mobile recharge, DTH, cable tv, EB bill payments, etc.

After getting detailed knowledge about the usability and features of recharge software you can start your recharge software.
If you have made your recharge software with superior usability options and quick response recharge API. You can be a part of the competition in recharge software.

Recharge Software Development

The development of the recharge software is done by the process of specifying, conceiving, designing, programming, documenting, testing, and fixing a bug. These are involved in building and maintaining frameworks and other software components.

The main process of software development is to write and maintain the source code. But in a greater way we may also go on with research, new development, prototyping, modifying, reusing, and any other actions that optimize the result of software products.

There can be many situations that make you trouble. First, you need to know the quality of the product. So far as it is the only way to resolve the problems. We at Adhoc softwares having experience in building recharge applications that are secured, scalable, and can handle multiple requests.

Features of Mobile Recharge Software:

The Recharge application has many features like if you are a business owner you can add distributors and retailers. you will get the commission for each recharge when the end-user recharges. you also fix the commission percentage for the distributor and the retailer. The recharge software can handle multiple requests at a time.

Recharge Status:

If you have your online business of your own, then there is obligated to some cases, you can face issues with recharges. To solve this kind of issue and to have better access. your recharge software should have these features. you can check the recharge status within seconds.

Integration of Unlimited Retailers:

Of course, Like a boss of a recharge site, you should be sure about your recharge software do not have any drawback like limited users addition; to avoid it you can have more distributor and retailers to increase your recharge business. The distributor can add many retailers under them. once the retailer makes the recharges the distributor and the retailer also get the commission amount.

Discount Management System:

There is no other better way than discount management which is easy to reach your customers as they are interested in new offers and they also help to create an impression on your recharge business. you can give the fixed discount and percentage-based request.


Yes, security always plays a primary role, if you are ready to build recharge software. The recharge software should be provided with security. As it secures from all mischievous things. Our recharge application is highly secured and it went automation and manual testing, it is free from SQL injection.

API process:

Obviously, your recharge software can be a multi-recharge system, so, it’s obligatory to have API and its shifting process in your recharge software. This process allows users to do all types of recharges without any barrier. Hence, the API shifting process is necessary to enable your recharge software. The API shifting allows changing the route from one to another network for the recharge.

Maintain a core technical team:

You can’t give your projects to people, who has not the core technical team. They may charge you less but the quality of the product won’t be good. So, in this multi-recharge system. This kind of process should not be carried out. Hence find the best software recharge company, which has a core technical team and industrial experience.

Cross-check them with recharge software’s features:

Before hiring a software company, you need to check the quality of the recharge software. Checking the features of the recharge software of their company will be the best way to hire one. This helps you assess the quality of the software and the hiring process will be easy for you.

Combo software development:

Single sim multi recharge system is a new trend of combo software development. It is the recent trend to integrate money transfer, flight booking, and hotel booking systems. So, this process has been proven that not only the mobile recharge company should be aware of it but also have the capability to do it.

Client’s Review:

Checking with their company clients is also the best way of developing the recharge software company for the development process. As you get the feedback and call them up, and can simply check their review online. This tactic will help to find the best recharge software development company.

Recharges Mode:

In the recharge software, one can able to make a mobile prepaid, postpaid, electricity bill payment, cable tv recharges, etc. Having a single application with all the features will increase sales. you don’t need a separate app for each recharge system.


We Adhoc Softwares is the leading recharge software development provider having experience in building white label recharge software, we delivered our recharge application to many domestic and international clients. We also have a mobile application for an easy and smooth process. Contact us for all your software requirements.

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