KV Matric Higher Secondary School

What they want

By managing the data of the school manually would not provide the right solution for them so they have demanded for a software which is capable to organize information and make it easily accessible and it also requires non-stop running of operations in an optimized and smooth way.

Our Solution

We have designed the education management software with specific designed to help them manage processes, administrative operations and data. Our software will be the one stop solution solutions for the management to take timely and data-based decisions, reduce costs and improve the organization’s overall performance. It helps users in managing all aspects of their organization, from admission and fee payment to the scheduling of courses, etc.

Current Status

The featured multi-recharge software helps our retailers to have control over their own mobile recharge business. by using our software they can obtain complete control over all mobile operators, as it comes up with API, long code, and bulk SMS. By using this software, they have improved their business to a great level.