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software development

The Essential Guide to Software Development Services

Software development services have been a popular choice of many companies as they not only save time for the project but also allow the companies to access more software professionals at an affordable cost tha...

PHP 8 Features

PHP 8 New Features and Updates

PHP, one of the favorite languages of developers has now come up with new updates and features. PHP is an open-source server-side scripting language used in web development. PHP 8 has major update brings many o...

php vs wordpress

PHP vs WordPress -Which is the best for Website Development

PHP vs WordPress is one of the best-discussed topics in the web development world. Several web technologies have brought many changes to this domain. Choosing the best between PHP and WordPress consumes time, m...

wordpress security

How to increase the WordPress website security

How to increase the WordPress website security is an important factor to be considered in WordPress development. WordPress is one of the popular website building software, nearly runs 27% of the total website o...

codeigniter development

What is Codeigniter and its advantages?

           Codeigniter is a PHP Framework built for the developer who needs a simple tool kit to create web applications. Codeigniter is an application development framework to bui...