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Adhoc Softwares aims to develop a service marketplace application. This app will conveniently connect clients to service providers for household services like cleaning, plumbing, and beauty treatments. This case study outlines the proposed application's features, functions, and potential impact.

Client Background

Our company noticed how difficult it was to find highly qualified home service professionals. So we saw an opportunity to create a smart solution that can help you to find professionals who provide home services using an app.


The primary goal is to create a seamless platform for clients and service providers. Specific objectives include:

• Simplify the service booking process
• Ensure only qualified providers join the platform
• Offer clear service categories for easy navigation
• Enable real-time provider tracking for clients
• Facilitate direct communication between clients and providers
• Promote transparency through ratings and reviews
• Provide secure payment options

Key Features (Proposed):

User Registration and Authentication

Users can sign up using email, phone number, or social media.
Two-factor authentication enhances security.

In-app Chat

Users and service providers can chat directly for better communication

Service Provider Registration

Service providers register with necessary details and get approval from admins ensures quality providers.

Ratings and Reviews

Users can rate services, and service providers can review user behavior.

Service Categories and Booking

It simplifies the booking process by automatically updating processes such as payment scheduling, inventory management and tracking.

Payment Integration

Secure payment options for users.

Potential Benefits

  • 1
    Better User Experience

    The app aims to offer users easy access to a wide range of services, resulting in happier customers.

  • 2
    Efficient Service Providers

    Real-time tracking and scheduling will help service providers optimize their time.

  • 3
    Transparent Communication

    The app's chat feature will foster clear communication between users and service providers.

  • 4
    Trustworthy Providers

    The rating system will help users find reliable service providers.


This proposed service marketplace application seeks to streamline and enhance the service experience for both clients and professionals. Our company is committed to turning this vision into a reality that elevates industry standards. We believe this platform has immense potential to benefit all users.

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