What is Google Analytics 4?

Google Analytics 4

Google announced the foundation of universal analytics to google analytics 4. Google Analytics is broadly used by millions of users to track the app and for the website users and their interaction with the websites. There are many tools available in the industry but, google analytics is widely used and offered by Google for free of cost. Google analytics 4 contributes a new version that is very different from universal analytics.

The new google analytics 4 comes with a bunch of key features that are different from an old version of google analytics (Universal Analytics). The user interface of google analytics 4 is very different.

What is Google Analytics 4?

Google Analytics 4 is a next-generation and leading-edge approach to user’s privacy, It is the first to track AI-based predictive data all at once. The new google analytics 4 is well-built on the same platform that can track app and the web. Google analytics generally focused on the cross-channel data that the website owners can track users across the apps and the website.
Machine learning processing is the new analytics that can fill the gaps where the business does not understand its computing customer base.
Google analytics 4 comes from new privacy protection laws like (GDPR & CCPA).businesses using the traditional UA could often run into issues with inaccurate or missing data.

Highlights of new google analytics 4

Google analytics 4 is built using machine learning as the main form of data measures using modeling.
Google analytics 4 has the feature of data stream instead of view and segments.
Moreover, Google analytics 4 has accomplished with account and property levels
Google Analytics focused on giving marketers an absolute understanding of the customer journey.

New capabilities of Google analytics 4

Google Analytics will allow to edit, correct, and make the fine-tunings that the way the events are tracked.
Now, data import can include a broad range of data from non-website sources.
Cross-domain tracking that doesn’t require code adjustment.

Difference between UA and Google Analytics 4

The main difference between the universal analytics and the new google analytics 4 is the user interface (UI)
There are also more differences in the data collection between universal analytic and google analytics.
It is better to rethink that data collection in terms of the Google analytics 4 model.
Differences in the way of delayed data are handled and also cause more differences in data.

How to setup google analytics 4

  • Sign in to the google analytics account
  • On the left side -> menu navigate to admin
  • In the Account column, select the account to create the property
  • In the property column, select the desired UA Property or create a new property, follow the steps to create a new property.

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