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Grocery Application

Are you a grocery store owner looking to step into the digital world? Adhoc Softwares is here to help. We make cool apps for grocery shops in India.

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Experience simplicity and transparency with our services. No hidden fees, just a straightforward one-time cost. When you choose us, you own the app code, giving you complete ownership. Our commitment doesn’t end there – we stay by your side to ensure your app runs smoothly. We’ve assisted others in their journey, fostering growth and success. Choose clarity, ownership, and ongoing support for a seamless and prosperous app experience.

What we faced?

A traditional grocery store was grappling with the challenge of meeting the rising demand for online shopping. The absence of an efficient online system hindered their ability to provide seamless grocery delivery, causing them to lose potential customers. Recognizing the need for a modern solution, the store aimed to revamp its online presence to stay competitive and meet evolving consumer expectations.


Adapting to digital shopping proved challenging, requiring careful consideration of user preferences and technological nuances.

Implementing secure and user-friendly payment options was crucial, striking a balance between robust security measures and a simple, convenient process for online shoppers.

Additionally, a commitment to continuous improvements was emphasized, driven by valuable user feedback, ensuring the evolution and optimization of the adopted technology over time.


1. Adhoc Softwares, expert in Grocery App Development.
2. Crafted a cost-effective, transparent app with a one-time cost.
3. Streamlined operations, optimized budget, and ensured full code ownership.
4. Custom app and website projects fostering growth.
5. Proven track record of driving success in various industries.

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