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Taxi App

A company called Adhoc Softwares made a Taxi Booking App Solution to make regular taxi services more modern.

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Adhoc Softwares introduces a modern Taxi Booking App Solution, transforming conventional taxi services. With a simple tap on your smartphone, experience seamless booking, real-time tracking, and secure payments, redefining your transportation convenience. Embrace the future of hassle-free and efficient rides with Adhoc Softwares.

What we faced?

The manual process of booking taxis led to inefficiencies and extended waiting times, prompting the need for a more streamlined solution. Faced with competition from industry giants like Uber, traditional taxi services were under pressure to meet evolving customer expectations for enhanced and efficient transportation services.


Adhoc Softwares overcame driver training challenges by implementing straightforward training programs.

Customer adoption was boosted through effective advertising campaigns, emphasizing the superior features of the new app.

Careful planning facilitated the smooth integration of the innovative system with existing ones, ensuring seamless functionality.


1. Automatic booking reduces waiting time.
2. New technology includes GPS tracking and secure payments.
3. Customizable app for a seamless transition.
4. Quick ride confirmations enhance efficiency.
5. Taxis can personalize the app to align with their brand.

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