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Hallmarking Jewellery ERP Development

We are one of the leading jewellery ERP software companies in Coimbatore, India, offering a far-reaching range of jewellery software features for hallmarking. Discover Adhoc Softwares empowers your Jewellery business to improve its customer relationships, project management, finances, quality, supply chain, sales etc.

In Adhoc Softwares our developer has built an ERP Software Legit HM which is a hallmarking ERP software used in the jewellery hallmarking process (BIS 916), this hallmarking ERP Software encloses the complete flow starting from receiving the jewellery, and testing the jewellery (Sampling, Lab test, etc), Marking process, QC process, and delivery of the marked jewel.

We have included lots of brand-new functions in Hallmarking ERP software as well as updates to the Hallmarking Centre. Most outstandingly, we created these attributes by keeping in mind about the demands and expectations of new customers. This hallmarking ERP software is recommended by Hallmarking professionals for its outstanding functions.

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