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Click Your Water

GLOBAL CREATORS has been doing business since 2007, and we’re known for making packaged drinking water under brands like AGRIYA, SMART BLUE, and ADIYOGI. We have two factories, one in the hills for clean water and another in the city for easy access.

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Introducing “Click Your Water,” an online app revolutionizing water procurement. Simplify your life with easy, efficient water delivery to your doorstep. With just a few clicks, enjoy a constant supply of clean, refreshing water at your convenience.

What we faced?

Buying water used to be inconvenient, requiring trips to the store or waiting for deliveries. In today’s online-centric world, the absence of an internet-based option made it even more challenging. Enter “Click Your Water” – the solution to these issues. With a simple online platform, water can now be easily purchased, eliminating hassles associated with the traditional approach and catering to the demands of modern convenience.


Adapting to the tech shift challenged some users in switching from traditional water-buying methods to the new app.

Efficient delivery planning posed a tricky task in ensuring timely water deliveries through the app.

Educating users about the app’s ease and benefits became crucial to encourage widespread adoption and overcome hesitations.


1. “Click Your Water” App for Convenient Water Purchases.
2. Hassle-Free Delivery to Your Doorstep.
3. Real-Time Order Tracking for Added Transparency.
4. Effortless and Quick Water Procurement.
5. Seamless and Reliable Doorstep Delivery Experience.

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