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10 Best Cryptocurrency Apps In India

People are now showing more interest towards cryptocurrency and other digital payment solutions. India has also launched its digital payment platform called E-RUPI. It’s a digital platform which offers you a contactless and cashless payment solution. The introduction of the E-RUPI platform has opened new opportunities for digital and Cryptocurrency exchange. Yes, cryptocurrency and E-RUPI are not the same but serves a similar purpose. To make use of these new digital platforms, you need specific tools. Therefore, the cryptocurrency app is one of the crucial tools. 

Hence we have come up with a list of the best cryptocurrency apps in India.

What is a Cryptocurrency?

Cryptocurrency is a digital payment system, Which operates without the assistance of a monetary institution like a bank or government to verify the transaction. Here, the transaction is verified by the “encryption” method which gives it a name cryptocurrency. Like cash, crypto doesn’t have any physical appearance. These currencies are created by cryptographic techniques, Which allow users to exchange them digitally. 

Cryptos operate under blockchain technology where all the transactions are recorded and stored properly. It makes digital currencies a much safer and more secure way for transactions.

Bonds, stocks, assets, goods and services can be traded using this technology.

List of Best Cryptocurrency Apps in India.

1. Wazirx

It is a rapidly growing cryptocurrency trading platform for bitcoin exchange and supports automated P2P trading. Wazirx offers you a variety of cryptocurrencies like Ethereum, ripple and other popular cryptos.

If you’re a beginner in crypto trading, this is one of the best applications. These platforms offer you more than 200 cryptocurrencies with lower service charges. The verification process is rapid and user-friendly for beginners.

2. Delta Exchange

Delta exchange is a derivative trading platform for cryptos. This platform allows you to trade in calls and put options for more than 100 altcoins. It provides excellent customer service at the lowest price in the market. It has an easy-to-use interface hence it is the best app for beginners. It has an inbuilt trading analysis tool which provides insights about your trading activities. You can place multiple orders simultaneously by using the basket order feature.

3. Binance

It is one of the cryptocurrency trading platforms in India, Which supports more than 600 cryptocurrencies. It has its cryptocurrency called BNB. The features like instant account verification, a friendly user interface, and cold storage policy make it the best platform for beginners. The Binance platform has nearly nine crores of users and offers the best security. The trading charges are low compared to others and it also gives you a special discount if you use their Binance coin for trading.

4. Zebpay

It is a well-known crypto trading app among investors. It has nearly 100 million registered traders and uses cryptocurrencies in the platform. You can register on this platform by just providing your KYC. It even has a refer and earn option, which offers attractive rewards. Zero trading fees on specific pairs, high safety measures and rapid account verification are some of its unique features.

5. CoinSwitch Kuber

The Kuber platform is best suitable for everyone interested in Crypto trading and is used in nearly 150 nations. You can trade more than 90 currencies and have zero trading charges for bitcoin transactions. You can even trade government currencies for cryptocurrencies on this platform. Affordable price, highly optimized mobile app, customer-friendly interface and unmatchable customer support are some of its unique features.

6. coinDCX

CoinDCX is known as the most secure trading platform in India. Users must undergo multi-step authentication before starting the trade to ensure security. This platform supports 100 plus cryptocurrencies. It is a flexible trading platform and offers crypto-related services, lending options and marginal trading. Instant account verification, cold storage policy and zero fees for deposits and withdrawals are some of its unique features.

7. Unocoin

This crypto platform is one of the oldest trading platforms and India’s first blockchain enterprise. Unocoin is best for storing, selling and trading digital currencies. Registered users have access to use 80 different currencies and first-time users receive free bitcoins and cashback. Users are allowed to use the American dollar and Indian rupee for trading bitcoins. This platform also offers a refer and earn policy.

8. Bitbns

This crypto platform is supported on IOS and android. It has over 40 lakh registered users and 400 plus cryptocurrencies for trading. This platform doesn’t involve any third-party participation in trading. More than a crypto exchange this application offers valuable resources regarding digital currency through Bitbns academy. some of its unique features are Beginner-friendly, a Wide range of tokens and access to wealth resources.

9. Capital

Capital is an excellent desktop platform for cryptocurrencies and allows users to trade commodities, goods and digital assets at zero trading cost. Price plans are very low to utilize this application’s features. some of its valuable features are a high level of account security, zero investing fees and ISO certification.

10. BuyUcoin

BuyUcoin is popular for its easy-to-use interface and has over 10 lakh registered users. It offers users real-time trading of cryptocurrencies. Here you can store and trade cryptos like Bitcoin, Ethereum and more. It helps beginners by providing valuable resources about crypto trading. The registration process is simple and the account is verified within hours. Cheap prices, an NFR marketplace and a virtual demo option are some of its useful features. 


Cryptocurrencies and other digital currencies market are highly unstable. Predicting the crypto market is a challenging and complicated process. Though it comes with many risks it is considered one of the best ways to passive income. Crypto trading is possible with even a mobile device, but before investing do thorough research about the market trends. Choose the best application which is suitable for your investment plans. Look for the costs, liquidity and other services offered by the software.

we have mentioned some of the best cryptocurrency apps in India to give you a brief idea about crypto trading. To frequently read more updated technical blogs visit our website.

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