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8 Most Popular Apps Built with Flutter Framework

In the graph of the Cross-platform framework, the Flutter framework is rising so quickly to its topic level with the increase of its popularity. When flutter was developed it was only used by 30% of the developer for the app development but in 2022 the flutter has become the foremost framework with over 50% of app developers choosing flutter for their app development.


Flutter framework is free and open-source in cross-platform Mobile app development.  There are two important components in the flutter framework they are SDK (Software Development kit) and a library of reusable UI components.

DART programming language is used in a flutter. Dart is also Similar to JavaScript so choosing Dart would be best for those who are not familiar with any of the programming languages. Flutter uses the most popular IDEs which are Android Studio and VS Code. These are well-featured IDEs that give wide support for extensions and plugins.

8 Popular Apps built with Flutter Framework

The Flutter framework has been used in many mobile app developments. But now we will show you some Most popular apps that have been built with the flutter framework. This will help to show some reasons why should you need to choose flutter for your mobile app development.

  • Google Ads
  • eBay Motors app
  • Hamilton Musical
  • The New York Times- kenken
  • Alibaba- Xianyu
  • Topline Abbey Road Studios
  • Sonos
  • Google Pay

Google Ads

Yes, one of the primary examples of app development using the Flutter framework was the Google Ads app. This Google Ads app helps its users to gain all the information about their needs from one place by allowing the user to manage the campaigns. This user interface in google Ads is very clean, modern, and functional.

eBay Motors app

This eBay Motors app is a new eCommerce platform for cars. This app was launched in 2019 and is designed for users to buy, sell, and identify the vehicles for buying and selling the car parts.

This eBay Motors app combines smart AI photo analysis to identify the cards from the images along with the responsive UI of flutter easily and quickly to provide the best user experience.

Hamilton Musical

This Hamilton Musical app is official and full of featured apps such as a camera, stickers, an in-app store, a ticket lottery, and also karaoke. This well-featured app would be very interesting and challenging as the app developer need to develop it on both iOS and Android.

Flutter framework has shown its exact potential in this Hamilton Musical app, you can also use native from this type of app development which also works well in it.

The New York Times – kenken


Kenken is a charming puzzle app, The New York Times associated with Google to build this Puzzle app over multiple platforms. The app manifested cross-platform functionality with Windows, Android, iOS, and web applications by using the same code-base.

Alibaba- Xianyu

Alibaba is the largest eCommerce market app. This Mobile app was built in 2017 in the way to support all their top stories. Due to the shortage of users on the iOS platform, they try to choose cross-platform. They have used flutter instead React Native as flutter is quick to learn and also its hot reload feature. These features in the flutter framework make Alibaba become the most popular and top Commerce app in the market.

Topline Abbey Road Studios

Abbey Road Studios app was an iOS music Studio app, this app has extremely become popular within a very short period. Abbey Road Studio doesn’t want to lose their opportunity and they think this would be the exact moment to extend their development so they choose the quick cross-platform solution which enhances complex logic and OS interaction. And they have chosen the Flutter framework as it provides the ideal solution for them.


Sonos is the app that is built for bringing centralizing all your streaming, voice, and control services so you can easily browse music, radio, etc. This app requires cross-platform development, Android, iOS, Windows, macOS, and also in FireOS.  When the Sonos started using Flutter for quick cross-platform development. the Sonos is available everywhere and it is bug-free.

Google Pay

Google Pay is another best example of Google using its framework for mobile app development. there is something different to say is about a payment app being developed on the Flutter framework. Payment apps need to be as secure, responsive, and error-free as possible. A malfunctioning payment app can be a costly affair. Google Pay being built in Flutter shows that flutter may be the ultimate endorsement.


We think you may be interested to get listed in this next by reading our blog. Here we have shown you the different apps using the Flutter framework for various purposes. we hope Flutter would be the best choice for most of the developers when it comes to mobile app development. Are you up to creating your next app with flutter? then hire our Flutter app developers who are dedicated and well-versed in providing the best app solutions.

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