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Angular JS vs React JS: Which is the best choice

Whether to choose Angular Js or React JS, may leave you in serious difficulty. Based on the performance, features, compatibility, and other parameters you need to compare to make a decision. Each framework comes with its benefits and limitations. Here is a comparison of these two JavaScript frameworks – AngularJs or ReactJs.

Why JavaScript Frameworks for Web App Development?

Many programming languages have come and gone, but nothing can replace JavaScript. JavaScript still holds the top position as a programming language and a preference of 67% of developers.

JavaScript is one of the lightweight and most commonly used scripting languages, JavaScript is still primarily used to create dynamic web content. As JavaScript’s frameworks are written in JavaScript, therefore, programmers can manipulate the functions and use them at their convenience.

Frameworks are commonly used for website designing, but JavaScript frameworks are a type of tool that makes it working with JavaScript easier and smoother.

But with so many choices for the JavaScript frameworks from backend, frontend, or even testing, it’s challenging to choose to make the right choice of framework for your requirement.

React Vs Angular Know the Baseline 

Angular.Js was launched in 2009 by Google as an open-source framework that allows developers to craft solutions especially with the development of single-page applications. Companies like Google, Amazon, Snapchat, Udemy, Lyft use Angular JS.

React.Js open-source JavaScript library developed by Facebook in 2013. The purpose of launching the JS framework is to resolve issues in the large datasets and to ensure top app performance. React.js is more dependent on MVC architecture. Companies like Facebook, Netflix, Instagram, Discovery have used this framework for development.


In a very short period, Reactjs has the most loveable and demanding Js frameworks. With its increasing popularity among Mobile app developers.

Angular.js provides great libraries along with robust template building solutions that expedite the development process. 


Angular.js is the best choice of framework for heavy enterprise applications whereas React.js is preferred for light-weight applications. Since the framework size of Angular.js and React.js is varied in between 500KB and 100KB respectively, therefore, React.js is the preferred option for the App development company.


Angular and React are high-performing Javascript frameworks that provide extensive support for web app development. Every business has its own development needs, therefore, there is no standalone framework that suits all your various business needs.

Yet, if you have any doubts about which framework will enable you to build a top application, then we recommend you to hire a software development company that deeply analyses your requirements and suggests you the best solutions.

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