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Artificial Intelligence vs Machine Learning

The world gets to benefit from artificial intelligence and machine learning each day like music systems, Google Maps, and many more applications are powered with Artificial Intelligence. Whatever the doubt between artificial intelligence and machine learning remains till now. Some search requests say artificial intelligence and machine learning are the same things.

Machine learning and Artificial intelligence are two different things.

Artificial intelligence is a science like mathematics and biology. It makes intelligent programs and machines to solve problems, which is considered human knowledge.

Artificial intelligence is a part of computer science that makes a computer system that can mimic human knowledge. It is combined with the words “Artificial” and “intelligence”, which means “a human-made thinking power”.  Artificial intelligence does not need to be pre-programmed, instead of that, they use algorithms that can work with their intelligence. It involves machine learning algorithms like reinforcement algorithms and deep learning networks. Machine learning allows a computer to make predictions using historical data.

Machine learning is a subset of artificial intelligence that provides systems the ability to automatically learn and improve from experience without programming. In machine language, different algorithms help to solve problems.

Machine learning uses structured and semi-structured data. Machine learning algorithm that learns using historical data. It works for domains such as if creating a machine learning model to detect dogs picture, it will give results for dog images, but if we provide new data like cat image then it will unresponsive. Machine learning is used in many online systems, Google algorithms, Facebook friend tagging suggestions.

Artificial intelligence faces

Artificial intelligence was first used at Dartmouth. Artificial Intelligence described an attempt to model how the human brain works and, based on this knowledge, create more advanced machines. The scientists to understand how the mind works and it shouldn’t take too long. The conference collected the brightest minds of that time for an intensive two months session.

The researchers had fun during that summer at Dartmouth but the results were a bit difficult. Imitating the brain with the programming turned out to be complicated.

Some results were achieved. The researchers understood that intelligent machines are learning, language processing, and creativity. Even today when artificial intelligence is created, the computer is still far from human intelligence to perfection.

Narrow / Weak AI

Weak AI is good to contrast with strong AI. Strong AI creates artificial persons, machines that have mental powers we have, including consciousness. Weak AI, build information processing machines to have the full of human persons. Weak or narrow AI is good at performance, but it will not pass for humans outside of its defined capacities.

You have heard of deep blue, the 1st computer to defeat a human in chess. Not just any human Garry Kasparov. Deep Blue could generate and evaluate about two hundred million chess positions per second. Some are not ready to call it Artificial Intelligence, while others called it to be one of the examples of weak AI.

An example of AI beating humans in games is AlphaGo. This won one of the most complicated games ever, learning how to play it and not just calculating all the moves.

General / strong AI

This is in the future when machines become like a human. They make their own decisions and learn without input. Not only solving logical tasks but also having emotions.


Features are important data that work as the solution of the task. They demonstrate to the machine what to listen to. How do select the features? If you want to guess the price of an apartment, it is hard to predict. How much the place can cost based on the combination of its length and width. Whatever, it is much easier to a correlation between price and the area where the building is located.


Artificial intelligence has many applications that are changing the world. While creating an Artificial Intelligence system is intelligent as humans remains a dream, Machine learning already permits the computer to perform computations, pattern recognition.

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