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Benefits of Using AngularJS for Web Development

More than 108205 websites are live using AngularJS (Source Builtwith). Many companies like N

etflix, PayPal, Amazon, Snapchat, Udemy, etc using AngularJS for their websites because of its versatility and there are many benefits of AngularJS.

AngularJS is an open-source JavaScript framework developed by Google, AngularJS is one of the most famous modern-day web frameworks. It maintains good code quality and testability. It is mostly used for developing Single Page Applications.

AngularJS benefits for Web Development 

Data Binding




Deep linking


Having basic knowledge in HTML, CSS, and JavaScript can learn the AngularJS frameworks. Many companies are using AngularJS Framework because it is easy and also fast compared to other frameworks. 

Security is the main concern that every organization fears to protect their applications and websites. If they use a strong firewall there is always a chance for the threat behind the screens. 

In such cases, AngularJS has been developed to address the security vulnerabilities that can be expected on the Client side. By using AngularJS, you can have the complete protection for you website and applications.

In every new AngularJS version release, security is increasing. In Security, there are two ways of securing the applications.

Protecting web APIs ( Only authorized users can access)

Developing client-side security objects (controls access to HTML UI elements).

Data Binding 

The Data binding feature saves the developers from writing a significant portion of the boilerplate code. The main benefit of data-binding is it helps in the projection of your model to the application view, the application projection happens seamlessly.

With the use of data binding, the code disappears, helping the developer concentrate on the actual application. In Angular, the data binding is of two ways, This helps to reduce the time.

Single Page Applications Features (SPA)

Single-page applications are developed to make website faster. The websites will interact with the web browser by replacing the current web pages with the latest or new web server data. 

AngularJS helps the development of Single Page Applications. When any programmer develops a single page application with the AngularJS, the loading speed of that page increases, works on every platform, much easier to maintain, and provides an excellent user experience. 

Based On Model View Controller (MVC)

One of the MVC software’s primary principles is slot designs in Angular JS, which develops client-side web applications. Angular development does not operate on MVC in the traditional sense, but it is close to MVVM or Model-View-View-model. 

This model is nothing, it is common data in the application. A view model is an object which is  at providing schemas and clear-cut data to maintain views.

The controller is for setting the preface and enhancing the capacity and techniques to manage the behavior. The view is HTML that survives after AngularJS has been accumulated, containing the bindings and the rendered mark-ups.

Powerful Framework

Powerful Framework is one of the best AngularJS benefits, which provides a robust solution to make front-end development faster. It has many features like directives, dependency injection, and MVC pattern. This Framework enables to increase the HTML syntax.           

Declarative UI

The AngularJS framework design templates using HTML. There are several attributes and elements in the templates of AngularJS.

The declarative UI helps in making things more understandable and easy to manipulate. Applying HTML helps developers and designers work together. While developers can utilize declarative binding syntax to join the various UI components with data models, they can create UI. 

Simple Architecture 

AngularJS benefits are its simple Architecture that helps in the development of Angular and easy to understand for any developers and improve the features as per the client needs. 

It works well when it comes to managing heavy web applications that contain many components and complex requirements. The above benefits make this framework easier and faster than other frameworks.


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