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How to create an App and Make money

Are you in need of creating an app and making money constantly on using these apps? Then this blog would help you to learn how to create an app and generate money from it. Here we will go with the step-by-step process of exactly how to go from without knowing any coding or app development, to having an app that makes money on the market.

Why Mobile Apps?

In the current scenario, people have been increased the usage of their smartphones, laptops, and tablets so, using an app is also becoming a vast part of our routine life, This shows that there is a great market for mobile apps and also a great investment opportunity. Therefore, by having this audience constantly you can earn money by creating an app. Nowadays, people are also more interested in spending on the app.

But creating an app is not an easy task you may need to face some challenges, particularly when it comes to marketing. It also costs a lot to make an app. So you should be willing to invest some of our funds in it to make it possible. Now let’s see how to get started with creating an app.

Create your App

To create an app, you should have some ideas about the app that you are going to create. One of the easiest ways is to create something based on which is already exists.

Once you have got an idea, the next thing is you need to decide on the features of an app that what you need to have with it. Once you have selected the features and finalized your idea then it’s time to go to the next stage to turn this idea into a real-time product.

App Building Process

Step 1: Describe the purpose of an app

The first stage of an app is to define the foremost function of an app. This App’s purpose will be an instruction for all the other factors of its design and development. It also includes different type of technologies that also needs to create an app. At this stage, you should be answerable to two questions what will it do? And how will it do? if you are answerable to these questions then you can move to the next stage.

Step 2: Market Research

If your idea for creating your app was bad then even if you invest more and put a lot of effort into creating it will only lead you to fail. To avoid this situation Market research would help you to obtain success.

First, you need to know the following

  • App’s target is demographic.
  • Your competitor in this marketplace.
  • Your idea should be more different from your competitor
  • Aim of your price point
  • Find a way to monitor your app.
  • This market research always helps you to improve your mistakes by comparing your competitors.

Step 3: Summarize the features of the app you wanted

The next step is to record the features of your app and mention how it works and also the reasons for the decisions you make. It is very easy to make things change later but trying to complete it before will help to build the whole process of an app.

For example, if your app is based on social, there you have various categories of features that you need to create an engaging exposure like creating a profile, management, sending messages to other users to share the photo, etc.

Step 4: App Design

Designing an app is a very important step, so in this step, you have to spend more time to make sure that you need to design an app that makes the audience feel more slick, modern, and easy to use.

To design an app, you need to pick the best color scheme and select the perfect layout for your screens. You also need to imply all the features are needed. This helps to create the best app. You can create designs using Adobe XD, Axure Rp, Sketch (Mac), etc.

This can’t be possible for everyone to complete themselves, if you are good enough to have a development team that this step will be very easy for you.

Step 5: App Development

This is the main step where you are going to create an app and get ready to launch it. This step requires various programming languages to create an app so you should have that knowledge. If you don’t have the knowledge of programming. Outsourcing your app to an App Development Company is one of the greatest ways to improve the quality of your app.

In this process, you have to develop its core functionality, write a code that should work perfectly, and test the app to overcome some crucial tasks.

Step 6: Test the app

This is an important step that helps to find out any errors or issues of an app. There are various methods to test an app, the goal of this step is to find any usability issues, bugs in code, and any other problem that arises in your app and fix them.

Step 7: Launching the App

Once the app has been created successfully then the next step is to present your app for its approval in an appropriate app store.

The algorithm of an app store runs to promote apps with high downloads. Hence if you need your app to rank high you should create your app with some promo videos, optimize the descriptions, etc.

Step 8: Publish the App

This is the final stage of creating your app. So this stage is considered very important to market your app. Which helps in promoting your product using social media channels.


Creating an app that makes money for you is the best idea. So now you can come up with some ideas to build your app. If you are struggling to build your app don’t worry. Adhoc Softwares is the Best mobile app development company that provides the best service for building your app according to your exception.

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