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Challenges in Mobile App Development

This post will help you to understand the challenges commonly faced by Mobile app development companies and developers. The demand for Android app developers has been increased nowadays because of the open-source applications with advanced features, which are beneficial for the growth of every organization.

Selecting Right Project Manager

Developers with the right skill set, Development Platforms, tools, and frameworks will help significantly in app development; however, the most important factor in selecting the Project Manager. The Project Manager should have appropriate expertise in today’s software development. Project managers need proficiency with modern methodologies like Agile Methodology.

Selecting the SDLC model

Each Software development goes through a Development Life cycle, Different models are followed in the industry based on the Project type.

SDLC models are as follows:

  • Waterfall models
  • Iterative models
  • Spiral models
  • V-shaped models
  • Agile

If you are developing Software like ERP, CRM, Such software systems do not change frequently. So Waterfall methodology will be the correct methodology for such projects.

If you are developing web or mobile apps which will have frequent changes in that case Agile Methodology will suit. Nowadays Agile methodology is the most commonly used methodology for software development.

Selecting the Development Team

Having a good development team is a key to the success of the project, generally, the development team should consist of different roles in the App development to deliver successful user-friendly Apps to the customers. The Team should have IT Architects, UI/UX Designers, Android developer, IOS Developers, QA Engineers (Testers).

Selecting the programming languages 

Using the right programming language is key to achieve the required productivity. The Choice of the Programming language depends on the type and the usage of the app you are going to develop,

Android app using Kotlin: A modern open-source language, Kotlin is widely used now by developers because lines of code have been reduced in Kotlin.

Develop the iOS app using Swift: Swift is the language used for iOS development, it has powerful features to make it more productive. iOS apps that are coded in Swift are fast, and it is easy to maintain.

Selecting the right testing solution

The Success of the Mobile application depends on the Bug-Free App, to deliver the Mobile Application the testing team needs robust reporting and analytics. The Testing team should test the Entire Application with Automation or Manual Testing. The team should test the Application with different mobile devices with different Operating-system to check the compatibility of the APP.

Points to consider in the App Development Process

  1. Whether you develop a native vs cross-platform app?
  2. Whether you should use Swift or Objective-C to develop a native app for IOS?
  3. Whether you should use Java or Kotlin to develop a native Android?

Android is open-source software and can be easily customized to meet requirements. Android has become a frequent target of security attacks. Companies need to hire developers who are proficient in robust security features and the latest encryption mechanisms in the applications so that the users’ information or important details can be kept safe & secure from the hands of hackers.

To get a successful app for the growth of your business, you need to hire Android app developers who can create an app and transform your dreams into reality.

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