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Is Python Good for ERP Software Development?

ERP is an integrated system that abstracts organizational mission in a well-organized way. By Statista, 94% of the businesses affirm that their data security has been improved a lot more by using the ERP technologies in their business.

Most people believe that python is a good programming language for ERP software development. hence python is a universal language that often aids the developers to focus on solving the problem in their business in various applications now even in ERP software development.

Python for an ERP Software Development

Many of them have the question of that is Python good for ERP software development? the answer is yes, it can be used to develop ERP software due to the availability of various libraries and frameworks. As python comes with various features it makes the best tool for the development of an ERP system.

Python is sometimes believed as a prototyping language, as it was easy to read, general-purpose, high-level programming language and helps in resolving the organizational issues. Its main benefit is it allows you to specialize in business logic programming more than technology and the readability in python makes the best choice for ERP software development.

How Python is used for ERP development?

We are going to discuss some important characteristics which make python a good choice for ERP development.

Open Source: One of the best and foremost things to choose python is it is a free and open-source programming language larger number of developers choose it because of its high support in their growth. Its open-source nature also makes it easy to get the code snippets and libraries for various purposes which also including ERP Software development.

Platform Independent: Do you know that python has the excellent capacity to run on any platform such as Windows, Linux, and MAC. Then it is the best choice to develop your ERP software with python so that your ERP software can be used in different types of systems.

Highly adaptable: Python language is highly adaptable. So, it can be used for developing a vast range of applications which also including ERP software. Python’s wide range of libraries and different frameworks make it easy to develop ERP software that enhanced your business’s needs.

Extensible: Python programming language can be extended with modules written in C or C++. Hence using Python for ERP software development is a good choice for integrating with existing enterprise systems.

Dynamic Typing: Python uses dynamic typing, which is referred to that there is no need to declare variables before using them. This makes Python code more compact and easy to read. In python, there is no need to be compiled before they are run. This is most advantageous for ERP development as it requires minimum code and makes debugging so easy.

Popular for backend development: Python is the most popular language for its backend development. As python has the best framework like Django which is widely used for developing server-side applications. Other most popular Python web frameworks are Flask and Bottle.

What are the frameworks of python to be used for ERP software development?


Django is a framework written in Python. It is built the way to help you develop ERP applications quickly and easily. Django also comes with a strong community support system and thorough documentation. Django has been adapted by a wide range of clients, from small startups to large enterprises.


Flask is a Python web framework that is designed in the way to create small, lightweight web applications for developers who want to do as it is a lightweight framework that helps to add extensions and libraries while writing it.

This tells that it does not have the capabilities as other more well-featured frameworks such as Django. Flask doesn’t contain a web template engine, account authorization, or authentication.


The bottle is also the best python web framework which is similar to Flask that is designed for developers who want to create small, lightweight web applications. which are microframeworks. The bottle has some more features than Flask, like support for databases and an integrated development server.

Roadmap for Python ERP Development

If you are new to starting with python then you can follow this mentioned roadmap which helps you to know the basics of python to use in ERP development.

  • Need to learn python and its frameworks which helps you to develop ERP applications using python.
  • Should choose the best library for ERP development.
  • Once you have completed learning all the framework and its featured library then it’s time for building an ERP application.


We hope that you have got clear that python is a great programming language for developing ERP software. The best way to implement is by following the above-given roadmap.  Are you up to creating an ERP application by implementing python? Adhoc Softwares has well-experienced python developers who provide the best services according to the client’s expectations. To know more visit our website.

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