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Employee Tracking App

Employee Tracking App help to streamline your employees on field attendance and the customer place entry details easily. This Employee attendance tracking app helps to enter the employee expenses on a daily basis, it also helps the employees to check in and check out the attendance and the client place visit. The geolocation helps the admin to track where the employee has visited with the time. The geo-location coordinates will be sent to the admin.

Why employee tracking is important?

The main reason to track your employees is to ensure that they are working in the right place at right time. The on-field employees or the marketing employees can use this app for attendance.

Employee tracking app gives you an idea of exactly where your employees are working with the geolocation and the time. You can also track your employees how many places had been visited and they can also enter the category.



The employee can check in using our App, the check-in time and the check-out time will be seen in the admin panel.

Customer visit entry

When the employees are visiting any client place the visit can be entered and the comments can be entered.

Expense entry

If the employees are spending any company expenses like Petrol and it also has the option to upload the images.

Easy sign in

Employees can sign in via PIN, Just entering the PIN will allow them to log in.

Admin Panel:

Admin panel has the option to Add new Employees, Expenses category.

Admin can also have the option to track the geo location with latitude-longitude coordinates.


If you are planning to use the Employee attendance tracking App for your employees then our application will be the best choice, it is simple and user friendly. We Adhoc Softwares have 12+ years of experience in developing software applications. Our experienced developers will help you to grow your business to the next level.

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