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The Essential Guide to Software Development Services

Software development services have been a popular choice of many companies as they not only save time for the project but also allow the companies to access more software professionals at an affordable cost than the in-house development team.

What is Software Development?

Software development is the process of developing a software application through various stages of the development phases like Analysis, Planning, Designing, Developing, Testing, and Implementation. Software development services is the process of designing and developing a software application in order to meet the business objective.

Software Development Process

Developing a software application goes through the main process, Each stage has a separate goal to achieve the success of the software.

Requirement Analysis

The initial step is the requirement analysis from the client. This helps the developers to understand what exactly the client is needed. Based on the requirement analysis the number of teams required, project delivery date, scheduling, cost estimation will be planned.

After the successful requirement is gathered from the client the next process is planning, here the developer’s team will discuss the project and the milestone delivery then each milestone is divided into tasks.  The task will be assigned to the team based on priority.


Once the Task is splitted then the designing will start. In the designing phase, the wireframes will be designed. In the wireframe, we can see how the application screens will look like and with the design styles.


Once the design is completed, then the next phase will be the development. Developers will write the code based on the UI designs. In the Development stage, the developers will perform unit testing to check the functionality of the application. Unit testing helps the developer to fix the bugs at the initial stage of the development.


The application will go through functional and non-functional testing to ensure that the application works fine. The application will go through load testing and security testing. The QA testing team will perform all the testing activities.


Once the application is bug-free the application will be moved to the production environment. Once the application is deployed on the server frequent maintenance activities has to be done to ensure that the application works fine without any errors

Types of software development companies



Product Based Companies

Product Based companies will have their own product, They have invested their money, time to build the product. The product can be used for their business and also for the end-users. The best example of product-based companies is Google, Microsoft, Robert Bosch, etc.

Service-Based Companies

The service-based companies will provide a wide range of services to the customers in the different industry verticals. They have their own developing team and provide the services required by the customers. The service-based software companies have good experience in building software products.


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